Our trees need our help. Not only do they provide the oxygen we breathe but they also produce the fruits we eat and home so much of our precious wildlife. Imagine just chillin in your house one second and the next second you hear a weird motor-like sound and your house begins to shake and eventually fall down... As deforestation continues, too many wildlife lose their homes everyday. Some people ask, 'well how else do we get paper and other products that we typically produce from trees?' The answer is simple: BAMBOO



Bamboo yields 20 times more timber than trees and grows in abundance without harming the Earths’ ecosystem. Not only does bamboo grow fast and without harm, but it is also one of the most durable types of ‘wood’ out there. Bamboo is also:

  • The strongest-growing woody plant on earth, bamboo isn’t a tree but a grass.

  • Bamboo fiber is 2-3 times stronger than timber.

  • Bamboo is the fastest developing plant on the planet.

  • The average height of bamboo is 100 times its diameter.

  • It can grow over 70 mm every day.

  • Its plants reduce up to 35% more carbon dioxide in the climate and deliver more oxygen than trees.

  • Bamboo can be harvested every 3-5 years unlike most woods that take 10-20 years to be harvested without destroying the natural forest.

  • Bamboo requires less than 1% of the water needed for trees to grow.



Live Mahalo Cases

bamboo phone cases that are biodegradable and eco friendly

Live Mahalo QI Chargers

sustainable, eco friendly bamboo QI Charger

Toilet Paper

bamboo eco friendly toilet paper

Paper towels

eco friendly sustainable compostable toilet paper

Disposable plates

compostable sustainable bamboo plates

Reusable bags

bamboo biodegradable eco friendly mesh reusable bag

STRW Co. Cutlery

reusable bamboo cutlery biodegradable and compostable


bamboo biodegradable products toothbrush

Hair brush

Bamboo biodegradable eco friendly hair brush

Kitchen sets

bamboo kitchen set, biodegradable and eco friendly

AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! Every purchase of a sustainable item versus a non sustainable item is a step towards an eco friendly world. The more we come together and only buy sustainable products, the more companies will have to switch to eco-friendly methods and practices. We can change the world but we need to work together. Let’s come together and create habits to have a green world for us and the generations to come.