Sustainable Summer Is Here!

Sustainable Summer Is Here!

Quote: ‘We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.’ -Anne Marie Bonneau


More Light in the day = No need to use indoor lights! 

sustainability sun


Try opting for opening those curtains and blinds and let that natural light in! It will help our planet AND your electric bill 😉


Farming & Markets
Farmers market


Try out your hand at gardening with all this sun light and grow some summer fruit! If that’s not really an option, we encourage you to go to your local farmers market! A quick google search will show you when and where the markets are around you! 


Sustainable summer transportation


Try your hand at riding a bike, scootering, or walking to your next destination! Sunny skies are the perfect opportunity to get yourself some vitamin D as well as learn some new paths around you! You’ll be surprised how far you can go without your car!


safe sustainable sunscreen


Especially for those ocean people, please please please opt for reef friendly sunscreen! Even if you don’t see the reef near you, our Oceans need our help and it is as easy as swapping out our go to sunscreen to something more ocean friendly!


Water Bottle
reusable water bottle


Don’t forget to take your reusable water bottle everywhere! There are great options out there and not only does it help our planet but you can get free water just about anywhere! Save some money on something essential to us!


Sun Glasses
sustainable bamboo sun glasses


Last but not least, don’t forget to get yourself a pair of our Live Mahalo Sustainable Bamboo Sunglasses! Ditch the plastic and go sustainable with glasses that protect your eyes and the Planet! UV protected and polarized! We believe in you!


Have a safe and sustainable summer! Mahalo for the love and support 🤙