Sustainable Activities To Do In August

Sustainable Activities To Do In August

  1. Weekly Farmers Market

Although Grocery Stores are typically more convenient and open when you need them to be, look up farmers markets in your area and try to get your groceries from local farmers this August! This will provide a fun experience and an opportunity to cook new meals since you never know what you’re going to find! There are plenty of hidden gems at a farmers market AND you support your local community. Going to the farmers market this month will let you get outside, get some exercise and meet new people. 



  1. Go To A Park/Beach

How long has it been since you’ve been to a local park? I know it's been a while for me at least. How much fun was it to go play on the swings, kick the ball around, play some flag football, or throw a Frisbee. Grab a few friends, family members, or even your dog and go run around. This is something free and doesn’t cause any damage to our Earth. Don’t forget to pack yourself a lunch including reusable items and utensils. It’s super easy to wash it once you get home and maybe take this opportunity to put some head phones on and pick up the trash or litter you see. Leave everything better than you found it, right?! Try it out for a day, who knows, this could be your next tradition.


  1. Make A Compost

There are SO many options on how to make your own home compost. A quick YouTube and you’ll have a fun project on your hands. What’s so good about a compost? SO MANY THINGS. There are multiple day to day items you use that was once something you would toss in the garbage at the end of the day, but now you will toss it in your compost.Watch your apple cores turn into food for your garden. What was once food for you is now food to the Earth. One you feed the Earth, she will grow more food for you!! Crazy how that works. Definitely a fun activity for you and the family to do. 


  1. Plant A Garden

Surprise! Probably guessed it from making a compost but what is next after your food turns to plant food? The plants of course! You can plant your favorite herbs such as mint, rosemary, cilantro, and parsley in one section and grow your veggies such as carrots, zucchini, and bell peppers in another! If you have room for fruits DEFINITELY GO FOR IT! Our favorites include: tomatoes, dragon fruits, passion fruits, oranges, and apples! There are plenty of fruits that grow while small but others like apples, oranges, and avocado’s might need a little more room to become a tree. Whichever way you go, and whatever you plant, you will forever have an abundance of fertile for your garden from your compost!


  1. Watch Documentaries On What You Can Do To Save Our Planet

This is so much fun! We have learned more than we could imagine. Whether it’s Netflix, YouTube, or something else, there are SO MANY options and information out there. Educating yourself on the state of our planet, how you can garden sustainably, and what you can do day to day to improve our condition can leave you feeling very enlightened and it will help the future of Mother Nature. Start today! 


Mahalo For Doing Your Part!