How To Have An Eco Friendly Easter!

How To Have An Eco Friendly Easter!

Easter bunny holding an Easter egg

Easter is arriving and you know what that means, the Easter bunny is coming!!! As exciting as that is, the Easter bunny would love to come each year and for that to keep happening, we need to make some eco-friendly changes this season. Year after year millions of plastic eggs are either never found, thrown away, or harms an innocent animal that did not know better. To avoid any ecological damage this year, we created some easy ways to make your Easter safe for Mother Earth and all her animals (including us). 

Basket of Easter eggs from an Easter egg hunt


If you are making someone an Easter basket, we suggest using anything you have lying around the house first for decoration. You can fill your baskets with shredded up newspapers and magazines, straw (which can be used in the compost or garden after), or wheatgrass! These three options are eco alternatives to buying the plastic coated paper in stores.

As for the eggs, there are composable Eco eggs in stores and online now! Other alternatives are wooden eggs that can be used year after year or paper eggs! There are also fun YouTube tutorials on how to create your own Easter eggs at home with the materials in that ‘throw away’ closet of yours (we all have one).


 the gift of seeds and gloves for an easter presentthe gift of a reusable water bottle for an easter present


When it comes to small Easter gifts to add to your basket, try to opt for gifts that are more useful than single use. Some nice Easter gifts that won’t go to waste are books, gardening supplies such as seeds and gloves, and water activities, games, or a reusable water bottle for the soon to be summer time! 

easter bunny chocolate and eco friendly egg stuffing

Now for the most important piece of it all, the candy. We know how hard it is to avoid tons of plastic wrapped candy bars during this season, but try to buy in bulk as much as you can and find the candy with the least amount of packaging. Better yet, find your local candy/chocolate shop and bring your own cloth bags to wrap them in! We’re sure they will appreciate the business and your wrappings can be personalized by you!

Year after year plastic eggs flood our trash, this year we urge you to think green so that the Easter bunny and all the other animal friends can thrive with us, together.

Have a safe and wonderful Easter!



eco friendly reusable Easter eggs for easter