Compost, recycle, reuse, and more

COMPOST:  There are two types of inexpensive at home composting: Traditional & Vermicomposting. Vermicomposting uses specific worms that have an awesome appetite for food waste. After eating and releasing your food waste, these cute little wormies will leave you with some soil and fertilizer! On the other hand Traditional composting provides food and a habitat for a wide range of decomposer organisms including bacteria, microscopic organisms, fungi, and invertebrates that leave you with some sweet soil to use!

Items that you should be placing in your compost are:

Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Herbs, Yard trimmings, Paper products, Wood, Some manure, and anything else labeled compostable!

Recycle phone cases


Recycle: First and foremost, plastic and recycling are not universal, you need to check in with your local recycling centers for information on what to recycle in your area, especially when it comes to plastic. Unfortunately, most of the time plastic does not recycle well and you should first be upcycling before throwing away most trash.

Things that can be recycled are:

Bottles, Cans, Cartons, Paper, Cardboard, Glass, and anything you are allowed to in your area, but please make sure what you recycle is EMPTIED and CLEANED.

reduce, reuse, recycle

Upcycle: Alright let's talk about reusing what we have. We understand how hard it is to become completely zero waste in a world that packages so much in plastic and other non earthly items, so here are some ways you can reuse what you have before throwing it away!


Reusing plastic bottlesreusing plastic bottlesReusing plastic bottles


    Plastic Bottles: You can make awesome pencil holders, vases for plants, toothbrushes/other bathroom appliances holders, and other household items. Remember not to keep drinking out of them as microplastics will be inside your water after reuse.


Reusing plastic bagsReusing plastic bagsReusing plastic bags

    Plastic bags: You can weave your plastic bags together! A quick YouTube search and you can have yourself a weaving party, there are so many unique items you can make such as baskets, purses, succulent holders, and more!


Reusing plastic StrawsReusing plastic StrawsReusing plastic Straws

Plastic Straws: There are so many cool artworks that can be made from plastic straws. You can use it with an iron to melt together on a canvas or decorate the sides of boxes! You can melt your plastic to create earrings, necklaces, and more!

Trash: We urge you to try to reuse what you can and swap out your single use items for reusable ones.

 Here are the items that go to waste:

Coated paper products: disposable coffee cups, sheets of stickers or address labels, frozen-food boxes, most Styrofoam, food wrappers: candy wrappers, potato chip bags, and plastic wraps cannot be recycled. Food related products need to go to waste because of the residue left on the products such as take-out containers, used napkins, and pizza boxes.


Reusing pizza boxes


GREEN TIPS: Instead of napkins try using a washcloth that you can throw in the laundry instead of the trash, use your candy wrappers to make a cool bracelet, and make a canvas stand for a painting party with your pizza boxes before throwing them away! When in doubt, make some art with your non recyclables or donate them to a place or a person that will use them! We promise there are tons of places or artisans around your area that would love to make art from your non recyclables. Not sure about an item you have? A quick google search can start your journey to green living! Try to get creative and swap out what you can for a green home!

As for batteries, electronics and miscellaneous items, it varies from place to place. There are usually tons of options for electronic waste at your local high school. Be sure to check online in your area on what to do for electronics and recyclables.

Thank you for doing your part to live and thrive in a world filled with prosperous growth. Share your composting journey or how you reuse by tagging us with the hashtag #livemahalo. Remember to live grateful and live mahalo.