5 Eco Friendly Gifts This Valentines Day!

5 Eco Friendly Gifts This Valentines Day!

1. An Experience

One of the best gifts is showing you know your person and treat them to a day they would love! These types of dates could include:

  • Going to a park/beach (play frisbee, throwing a ball, plan a picnic and just be together)
  • Build a fort and watch your favorite movies
  • Get some board games/video games together and snack out! 
  • Tent outside/go camping!


2. Lessons/Memberships

Gift your person something they have always wanted to try but never got around to! This can include:

  • Dance lessons
  • Art/pottery classes
  • Lessons to learn an Instrument
  • A membership they always wanted (gym, yoga studio, movie streaming like Netflix/Hulu, and many more!)


3. Make Your Gift

Making a gift from you is something they will cherish no matter what. The effort is such a great gift to give! Some ideas are:

  • A mixed tape (or a playlist of songs that make you think of them)
  • A photo collage or a photo book (can be digital on your laptop too) 
  • Bake them their favorite dessert, you can even plan to bake together! 


4. Find A Place Near You

Sometimes more costly but still filled with love! check out what is near you and maybe try something new such as:

  • Go to a museum, amusement park, mini golf and more!
  • Dress up and head to a nice restaurant (maybe some place you always wanted to try)
  • Try out a spa day or get a couples massage!



5. Shop Gifts From Sustainable Companies

And if you really want to get them something tangible, do your research and buy sustainably

Farmers markets have handmade jewelry and more...

Of course we are going to  (ehem) say chose us to give a gift but we also want to push to look at your local artisans at farmers markets or online, even consider gifting a custom gift (like our cases) or a custom engraved water bottle, painting of their pet ect...   

Support your community while getting your better half something they’ve always wanted! There are eco-friendly options for just about everything


Mahalo Nui Loa for all the love and support!

Happy Valentines! 💓