8 Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

8 Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

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The average household of 4 uses about 30 rolls of toilet paper per month. That’s 360 rolls per year and the equivalent of nearly half of a tree! Using a bidet can reduce the amount of toilet paper used by over 80% or 285 rolls per year! Choosing Bamboo toilet paper at the store will help reduce that amount even further.  

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2.Get Rid Of Paper Towels

Start using dish towels! Two reusable alternatives to paper towels are Bamboo dish towels and recycled bath towels you don’t use anymore! To turn an old bath towel into a dish towel, simply take scissors and cut it to a desired size. Both options are eco-friendly and produce less waste! A household of 4 uses about 30 rolls of paper towels per month. Just like toilet paper, over the course of a year, eliminating paper towels makes a huge difference! 

3.Turn The Lights Off

There is a very simple rule that is very easy to follow: Turn off the lights when leaving a room! During daytime, open the curtains and take advantage of the natural sunlight.

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4.Turn Old Into New

There are so many ways to find new uses for something that is old or outdated. Here are a few examples to turn old into new. Tie Dye an old shirt. Stain or paint old furniture. Sew old dish towels into an apron. 


5.Reduce Water Consumption

Reduce water consumption by taking a shower over a bath. Limit shower time and turn off the water while conditioning.  

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6.Make Cleaning Products

This is easier than it sounds! Most natural cleaners are made from a mix of Hydrogen Peroxide, White Vinegar, Liquid Castile Soap, Essential Oils, and Water. There are endless free resources online with DIY recipes. 

7.Growing at Home

Planting is a satisfying, meditational, and eco-friendly way to live sustainably. A great alternative for growing crops at home is purchasing from local farmer’s markets. 

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8.Use Blankets

Refrain from using a heater when possible and replace the heater with blankets. Cuddle up and get cozy while reducing the amount of energy being used.